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1. Vicky started a diary when she was ten and kept one for the next decade.

2. Her high school diaries showed no signs of literary talent, but she apparently had a great tan and many surfer boyfriends.

3. She went to university with Barbara Walter’s producer. He tried to teach her how to lift weights. She has a grainy photo to prove it.

4. In her twenties, Vicky worked as a certified aerobics instructor. Her corporate lunchtime class nicknamed her “Sergeant.”

5. She bought her first romance novel by accident, and she’s been hooked ever since.

6. As an unpublished writer, Vicky won $450, the overall grand prize in a contest, with 5 pages of HOW TO MARRY A DUKE.

7. On her first trip to Paris, Vicky stayed at the Hilton Paris. Alas, she did not see the famous ‘celebutante.’

8. Her favorite Parisian haunt is the Musee d’Orsay where the Impressionist Paintings are housed.

9. She has been to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany where the Beatles played gigs before becoming famous.

10. Owing to a sad lack of the direction gene, Vicky has gotten lost in many famous places including the Louvre, Hyde Park, and Warwick Castle.


  • At a young lady’s court presentation, she was required to wear at least seven feathers in her headdress. She could sport more plumes, but not fewer than seven.
  • Before a gentleman could ask a lady to dance, he must gain an introduction from her chaperone or the hostess.
  • In 1818, The Lady’s Magazine warned innocent young belles of the perils of waltzing. After all, one must beware the dangers of arousing a gentleman’s animal passions.
  • Courting a young lady meant paying a formal call, which considering its prescribed brevity (no longer than twenty minutes), made it something of the precursor to speed dating.
  • Once a gentleman proposed to a lady, he was stuck, unless he could somehow persuade her to “jilt” him.
  • A gentleman could not correspond with a lady, without the express permission of her father or guardian.
  • Engagement rings were not common. However, the lady might give her fiancé a miniature portrait of herself or a lock of her hair. The besotted groom-to-be might reciprocate in turn.
  • Weddings took place between the hours of eight and noon. There was a groomsman, though he was not called the “best man” until the Victorian era, and a brides-maid.
  • The bride and groom did not kiss after being pronounced man and wife.
  • A wedding “breakfast” followed the nuptials and included a cake (though it was not referred to as a wedding cake until the Victorian era). The cake might have been topped with marzipan icing and laced with brandy (perhaps to steady the virginal bride’s nerves).
  • Often a single sister or friend accompanied the newlyweds on their honeymoon.
  • Cosmetics as we know them did not exist, but ladies had receipts for beautifying their complexions. One famous concoction with the titillating name of Virgin’s Milk reportedly gave one a rosy complexion and removed offending spots, freckles, and pimples. The key ingredients were Benjoin gum (from the styrex tree) and wine.
  • A fashionable lady (of good fortune) would have possessed gowns for riding in a carriage, attending court, dinner parties, opera, riding, theater, walking, garden parties, morning dresses, plus an assortment of evening dresses.
  • Ladies carried fans and not just to cool themselves in crowded ballrooms. They used them to communicate. For example, dropping the fan means ‘we will be friends.’ In HOW TO MARRY A DUKE, my heroine Tessa drops her fan accidentally. The incident foreshadows her friendship (and more!) with my hero, Tristan.


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Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together 2012

Mary Grzesik

Vicky & Cate Peace

Ali of Simply Ali

Joy of Joyfully Reviewed

Lori Wilde & Vicky Mandi of Smexy Books & Vicky Readers Linda & Kimberley Vicky in Bunny Ears courtsey of Joy
Vicky & Leah Braemel

Vicky's polka dot nails



Romantic Times Convention 2012 (mouse over each photo for a larger view)
Kerrelyn Sparks and Vicky at the Avon Party Laurie London and Andrew Shaffer Vicky at the RT Booksigning Nina Bangs and Gerry Bartlett
Vicky signing HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE at RT Elizabeth Hoyt and Vicky at RT    


Romance Writers of America Conference in New York 2011 (mouse over each photo for a larger view)
Me with my editor Michele Funny edits - excerpts for audio recording Times Square Me and Jennifer Gracen
Nina Bangs and Gerry Bartlett At RWA Awards Ceremony: Candis Terry, Laurie London, Rebecca Clark and me    


Famous Abodes

Apsley House - Duke of Wellington's residence

Shakespeare's birthplace

Spencer House built for the first Earl of Spencer in the mid-eighteenth century

Windsor Castle

Warwick Castle      


Inside a Victorian House Party at Warwick Castle

Drawing Room

Dressing My Lady

My Lady's Wardrobe

Child's Rocking Horse

My Lady's Footman

Preparing His Lordship's Bath

Suit of Armor



Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando 2010 (mouse over each photo for a larger view)

At the Readers for Life Literacy Autographing

The PASIC Party  

Vicky with Beverly Kendall

Vicky with Sarah MaClean

Michelle Grajkowski, Winnie Griggs, Kerrelyn Sparks, and Moi

My Fabulous Agent Lucienne Diver and Moi


The Beau Monde Soiree

The Grand Central/
Forever Booksigning

RWA Awards Ceremony  

Janet Mullany, Rosemary Clement Moore, and Moi

Vicky with fellow debut author Hope Ramsay

Vicky with Golden Heart Winner Pat O'Dea Rosen and West Houston RWA President Karen Burns

Pat & her Magic Golden Wand